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About Us

Our inspiration!

Just like any other thing we buy as consumers, is solving a problem for us. The problem we’re solving through our platform is to make you feel like there is someone out there that believes in what you do, that knows you and what you want. We want to be a business you can run to, and that you can stay with throughout your journey. Most of us dreamers out there, we want to start something of our own and in doing so, you’re all alone, everyone out there is too busy to pay attention to what you value most. 

How we plan on doing this

Over all what we want to do for our customers is to serve them. Do things that they can’t do themselves. Doing it yourself is good but when you don’t have that “creative gift” or the “eye” you’re only wasting time trying to figure it out while getting frustrated. In fact a lot of platforms out there empower you to do it yourself and promise how quickly you can do it too. Truth is when you want to do something well and right you won’t do it quickly at all and especially while you’re trying to learn it. Creatives Ink on the other hand does the opposite. We do it for you no matter how crazy your ideas are and we’ll take the time necessary to do it right.

One of the most things people say to us is

“Can’t someone just do it for me!”

Finding someone or a business to do it for you can be slightly nerve-wrecking and stressful. It’s either you find one that is way too pricey or who doesn’t have the patience, or is out for your money, or one that simply can’t get what you want right to say the least. We at Creatives Ink want to do it for you excluding your bad experiences in exchange for good ones. We want to offer you a service you won’t forget, one you’ll enjoy and have fun with during the process of making your projects! The only difference is with us, you’re not alone, we’re also here to help you.

What we strive for

We strive to give you the best customer experience possible. We hate it when we go somewhere to purchase something and their service just rubs you up the wrong way. We don’t want to that! We also want to provide you with work that makes you happy. –Disclaimer: We’re human and by no means are we saying we’re perfect, or design “gurus”, we make mistakes just like the rest of humanity so please don’t expect us to be “super polished”. But our commitment to you is to bring you the very best of what we do and to keep it real and honest as we go.- We love you so much that we give free stuff, news updates and discounts from time to time and you can get access to that by signing up to our CI Fam newsletter to provide value to you and your business! And yes! This is a business, yes we sell designs and we’re proud and grateful to earn a living by doing so. But you need to know the vast majority of the creative work we do is free of charge.

Our Work

Here’s a peek into our portfolio, have a look and let us know what you think.

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